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About Us

About Us

Locked! Evansville is a locally-owned, personally-designed, and community-funded escape game experience in Evansville, Indiana. Escape Games are wildly popular tourist attractions in larger markets. They are a new type of group activity focused around teamwork, puzzle-solving, and creative thinking. Essentially, your group is Locked! in a room with just a few clues to begin with. You must continue to find clues, answers, and solutions to solve your way out of the room in 60 minutes. (Don’t worry, it’s not scary and you’re not truly locked in. See our FAQ page for details!) Rooms will test your brain, your senses, and maybe even your ego while you work together to achieve your goal!

Our unique approach will offer constantly-changing experiences influenced directly by community feedback to keep you coming back for every new release. Locked! is the adventure you never knew you wanted.


Locked! is 100% owned by locals right here in the Evansville community. No franchises and no room licensing!


Each room at Locked! is hand-designed by its two owners. We use a mixture of common brainteasers and puzzles coupled with completely original concepts to create a fully immersive experience. Custom puzzles are built with our own four hands. We want guests to feel a shift in time and atmosphere when they step into a room at Locked!


In addition to being locally-owned, Locked! was made possible in part by a crowdfunding campaign in 2015. The following supporters helped bring escape rooms to the Tri-State!

  • Julie Hollis Lauer
  • Tai Ricketts
  • Lisa Marshall
  • George Martin
  • Jerrel Jacobs
  • Lindsey Litteken
  • Jessica Quates
  • Amanda Reed
  • Charlie Frank
  • Nicole Kramer
  • Adam Lauer
  • John Vince Martin
  • Kyle Nisswandt
  • Patricia Jacobs
  • Audrey Floyd
  • Ben Neville

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