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What is it?

An "escape game" or "escape room" is a live experience where a team of people is locked in a room and must meet an objective before the clock runs out. At Locked!, each room holds 8 people and rooms run for 60 minutes. These types of attractions originated in Japan, swept across Asia and Europe over the past decade, and have recently popped up all over major cities in the U.S. including Nashville, Indianapolis, Louisville, and now right here in Evansville. Teams must uncover secrets, follow patterns, and solve puzzles in a race against the clock to reach the goal. It’s a rush!

Are we really locked in?

No! Safety is our number one concern, so all doors remain unlocked in case of an emergency (or tiny bladder). We definitely recommend using the bathroom beforehand, as the timer will not stop if a group member needs to exit the room for any reason. Additionally, our Escape Artists monitor every room by both video and audio while a group is playing.

Do we need to have special skills or experience to participate?

Not at all. Puzzles can sometimes be difficult, but very rarely do they require anything but basic common knowledge. Any specific information that you need to solve a puzzle can be found in the room with you. That's the beauty of it – people who approach problems or situations differently can have entirely different experiences in the rooms!

What if we escape early?


What if we don't escape at all?

It's okay, many people don't!

Can children participate?

Yes! Children under 14 must have a parent present. Children 14-17 must have a parent sign a waiver. Keep in mind that rooms are geared towards adults with some being fairly difficult, and the rooms are 1-hour experiences. Very young children may not have fun or may quickly lose interest and distract others from really enjoying the experience. Print and sign a waiver ahead of time and bring it with you. Download Waiver (PDF)

How do we book a room?

Reservations must be made in advance. Click "Book Now" at the top of the page to reserve or call us at (812) 205-7351! Payment is due at the time of reservation via Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. All sales are final.

How much is it?

Individual reservations are $20 per person plus tax. (See full-room discount below.)

Are there group rates or discounts for reserving an entire room of 8?

Yes! Reserve all 8 spots in the same room in the same transaction and receive a discount.

Can we reserve some spots now, and others later once we find out if our friends can come?

Yes, you can make separate reservations for the rooms BUT be careful… If you don't book all together, there's a chance someone else could book the remaining spots in your room. Plus, there's a discount if you reserve all 8 spots in the same transaction!

What happens if we only have a reservation for a few people and don't fill up the entire room?

Reservations of fewer than 8 people may be grouped together with others. For example, if you only have a party of 4, your room may be reserved with another group of 4 strangers. This can be very fun and add to the experience!


Sorry, all sales are final. But if you know you're going to miss your reservation, call at least 2 business days in advance and we can reschedule your game for a later date at no additional charge.

Do you have gift cards?

Kinda! We have gift tickets available. You can purchase them from our front desk during regular business hours. The recipient has to call ahead for reservations. Gift tickets are $20 each plus tax.

Can my company or church/school group get Locked! as a teambuilding activity?

Absolutely! Contact us for a custom quote to set up your reservation. Keep in mind that groups with more than 8 people will be split into multiple games, so the total experience time will depend on the group.

What time should we arrive?

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your reservation time. Groups who do not arrive on time may not get the full 60-minute experience in order to ensure that we remain on schedule for future reservations.

Should we bring anything?

A card and flowers. Maybe some chocolate.

Just kidding. Bring some money with you (cash or debit/credit card) in case you'd like to buy merchandise. You'll also need your brain, comfortable clothes, and reading glasses if you need them. You will not need pens & paper to write down clues; there will be some in the room waiting for you if necessary.

You will not be permitted to use your cell phone during games, although you can have it in the room with you. (See "pictures or videos" below.)

Where are you located?

Locked! is located at 3101 N Green River Road, Evansville, Indiana. This is in The Parke complex just north of Menards and south of Evansville Day School directly across from The Timbers apartments.

Are you wheelchair-accessible?


Will you always have the same room themes?

Nope! Rooms will be added or changed every few months to meet demand!

Who designs Locked!'s rooms?

Our rooms are locally-designed right here in the Tri-State by the owners themselves. It takes a lot of thinking, a lot of love, and a lot of Mountain Dew.

Can we take pictures or videos inside the rooms?

No photography or video is allowed in our rooms to maintain the excitement and mystery for others who haven't played yet. There will be a designated location in the room to place your personal belongings, including cell phones. No spoilers!

You will be allowed to take group pictures in the lobby after you've finished your room, whether you escape or not.