Paranormal Crime Scene

Paranormal Crime Scene

Paranormal Crime Scene

In a world where monsters exist, a grisly killer is back for seconds. The police department has received a tip that there is about to be a new victim, but the investigation team has gone missing! Can you rescue them, or will you have to pick up their pieces to identify the villain, the victim...and the monster. It's a mixture of an escape room and a classic whodunit, and merely solving the puzzles may not be enough to stop the next attack. 'Paranormal Crime Scene' has a few elements that turn basic escape game ideas on their head, and that helps make it our most difficult room. However, as you progress the through the room, you will continually eliminate suspects and narrow down your options, so it may be possible to be successful even if you feel your group is falling behind (although you will need a little luck!).


Up to 8 people

Estimated Time

1 hour


  • 6:00pm
  • 9:00pm
  • 2:00pm
  • 3:30pm
  • 6:30pm
  • 8:30pm
  • 3:00pm
  • 4:30pm
  • 7:30pm